Kada, from the Filipino word barkada

We’re your support system of friends, coaches, and cheerleaders — here to accompany you on your career journey.

The Problem

Compared to their wealthier peers sa urban areas, students that come from low-income families face numerous barriers in achieving career success.
Nakararanas ng mas maraming hadlang sa pagpapatupad ng kanilang kareer ang mga mag-aaral na kapos sa buhay.

The Skill Gap

Students are not equipped with the appropriate skills to manage responsibilities at work, and do not have the capabilities that employers are looking for.

The Network Gap

Students do not have access to professionals who work in the fields they may be interested in, and do not have people to turn to for career advice or support.

The Exposure Gap

Students are not provided with adequate information or resources to allow them to discover what careers they enjoy or what they are good at.

Our Mission

To support Filipino youth in launching and sustaining careers that will help them break the cycle of intergenerational poverty for their families

Our Approach

Lots of research and thought went into building our unique KadaKareer approach! To learn more about why we do what we do, check out our white papers below:

On the Problem and Our Intervention

Our research on the three key gaps in the career journeys of young Filipinos – the Exposure Gap, the Network Gap, and the Skill Gap.

On Careers in the Digital Economy

Our thesis for why we have chosen to focus on supporting students who want to go into digital careers.

On the Effectiveness of Coaching

Our explanation for why we have chosen to support students through career coaching.

On Our Theory of Change

Our logic model for the change we want to see and the metrics of success we aim to track and influence throughout a student’s career journey.

The KadaKareer Intervention

To help alleviate the barriers that hinder you from achieving career success, KadaKareer is here. KadaKareer is a community-based platform for low-income students on all things related to career exploration, navigation, and preparation. Ang layunin ng KadaKareer ay matulungan at maalalayan ang mga kabataan na kapos sa buhay sa pagsisimula ng kanilang digital kareer.

This is career development made simple, accessible, and enjoyable for you. 

Our Team

The Kada Krew is a group of young, passionate Filipinos-at-heart who are deeply devoted to the future of the Philippines. We all have experiences in education, product development, data science, technology, and startups across three different continents. We are unified by both our love for the Philippines and our hope that education can empower young Filipinos across the country.