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Our Mission

Empower Filipino youth to launch their digital careers

We want to support underserved Filipino students in launching their careers to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty for their families.

What if we could close the gaps youth face in developing their careers?

Students can make the right career decisions.

We can provide students with valuable resources to allow them to discover various career options, then learn what interests them or what they are good at so they can enter the most suitable jobs.

Students have the right support at each stage.

We can connect students with coaches and mentors who have professional experience, and who can share tips and advice from their various stages of their own career journeys.

Students can enter jobs and succeed from Day 1.

We can provide students with learning and training opportunities to develop both hard and soft skills, leveraging real-world projects and challenges with actual companies.

Our Vision

A generation of fulfilled, empowered and productive Filipinos

We envision a Philippines where all Filipinos have equal access and opportunity to build careers that match their skills and interests. We believe that not only should Filipinos be given the chance to be productive members of the workforce, but that they should find fulfillment while doing so.

Our Donors

Thank you to our donors!

We would like to thank the following individuals and organizations who sustain us in our mission to provide career development support for young Filipinos everywhere.

George SyCip
Jeff Leopando
Athena Lao
John Gobok
Edmund Soriano
John Forbes
Lizzie Eder
The New Leaf Fund