Reinvent your hiring process.

We’ll handle everything from recruitment to mentorship and program execution. All you have to do is give us approximately 4 hours of your time.

What's In It for You?

An opportunity for you to find young, fresh talent to develop innovative solutions to your most pressing challenges, while providing students with their first work experiences.

Talent Acquisition

Easily scout for the perfect-fitting talent for internships or entry-level positions without having to do the intense legwork or fork over a large fee


Receive output from young minds on key challenges that your company is currently facing


All you need is 3-4 hours a month!

A customized project brief 100% tailor-fit to the needs of your business.
Recruitment of top-notch apprentices who will then be assigned to find solutions to your key challenges
Outputs that are vetted by our expert panel of coaches

What our Kollabs have to say

"I'm truly impressed by what you guys taught them in digital marketing -- we pay consultants for that! So grateful you're able to pass on valuable skills that companies will pay for."

Monica Recto

Founder, B.Zaar Collective

What our Kollabs have to say

"I'm impressed with the work your members have done... We would [like] to engage with one of your Kadets for a formal internship position. I am a true believer in the digital strategy that was presented."

Nolet Ferreol

Founder & CEO, HUGS

What our Kollabs have to say

"We would like to extend our gratitude to the KadaKareer team and apprentices for the wonderful opportunity of piloting the program! It was a great experience to get to know the students, read their well-prepared output, and get to know them afterwards. The Sourcy team found a lot of the output helpful to our company given the perspectives offered by the apprentices. We highly recommend the program!"

Chelsie Cay

Strategy & Growth Lead, Sourcy