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Career Discovery

A series of talks and interactive group activities to guide participants in designing their own dream career -- one that promises both personal and professional fulfillment.

Resume & Interview

A workshop where participants will learn tips and tricks they need to build powerful resumes and ace interviews.

The Quest for Your

A workshop that encourages participants to reflect and ponder on their passions, how these align with their goals and how these passions can play into their career trajectory.

Mentee Networking

A workshop that cultivates introspection, interpersonal skills, and career-planning practices to encourage students leverage mentors or coaches in their career journey. 

How to Succeed at Virtual
Career Fairs

A series of talks and hands-on activities that teach participants to navigate virtual career fairs in order to present themselves well and secure job opportunities.

Seize Your Opportunity –
Internships & OJTs

A workshop where participants learn the most important tips and tricks they need to not only find internships and OJTs, but also succeed throughout.

Digital Marketing for Beginners

A skill-building series of engaging talks and interactive group activities designed to guide participants through the basics of digital marketing as a method of business promotion.