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what is the virtual apprentice program?

KadaKareer's Virtual Apprenticeship (VirApp) is a digital-first, real-life work experience for students and fresh graduates. The program allows students to work on key challenges from partner companies, providing them with a hands-on opportunity to gain industry knowledge, develop soft and hard skills, and enhance their resumes and portfolios.


1. Find a Challenge that best fits your skills and interests

No need for lengthy essays or prerequisites—just sign-up for a specific Challenge with one of our partner companies and you’re in!

2. Complete the program in 5 weeks, at your own pace

Either in a group or as an individual, complete your chosen Challenge in 5 weeks. Receive support from our KadaKareer Coaches on how to tackle various parts of the Challenge, as well as get access to our curated set of learning materials.

3. Strengthen your resume

At the end of the program, you’ll get a certificate and a case study output that you can add to your portfolio. Apprentices who finish the program with stellar outputs may even have a chance of getting a position with one of our partner companies.


Auro Chocolate

Auro Chocolate is an internationally awarded tree-to-bar chocolate brand that promotes sustainability by working directly with local farmers. In this challenge, you will develop an email marketing plan and create dynamic content on Tiktok and Instagram reels to allow Auro to promote its products to more audiences.


Avion School

Avion School teaches Filipinos to become remote software engineers globally. In this challenge, you will create a social media marketing strategy for Avion to find and recruit the most capable students, thereby giving them a chance at a successful career in engineering.



DashLabs’ mission is to provide the world’s first DIY lab software to bridge the gap between labs and hospitals, and to make quality healthcare accessible for all Filipinos. In this challenge, you will help Dashlabs develop a chatbot that can automatically respond to patients’ inquiries and provide crucial information.



Eight Media offers businesses a full-stack digital marketing service – from content creation to digital ads management to training sales teams. In this challenge, you will craft a strategy for EightMedia to expand its services to international markets, bringing Filipino creativity and talent to foreign businesses.



Empath is a social enterprise that envisions communities in which mental health care and education are readily accessible, ensuring genuine empathy and care for the wellbeing of all Filipinos. In this challenge, you will develop a social media marketing campaign and content to allow Empath to reach more Filipinos.


Future Faces

Future Faces recently built a sustainable multi-purpose center completely made of ecobricks. This center hopes to feed 500 children a day and create a safe space for growth and development. In this challenge, you will develop recommendations for a sustainable feeding program for these kids, including suppliers/costing of ingredients.


Habit Food Group

Habit Food Group is a cloud kitchen and delivery service that hopes to turn healthy eating into an accessible habit for Filipinos through brands such as Bowlsome, Chicken Shack and Mean Greens. In this challenge, you will develop a social media marketing campaign and content to allow Habit Food Group’s brands to reach more Filipinos.


Humble Sustainability

Humble Sustainability promotes circular living by collecting items no longer in use and bringing these back into circularity in a recycled, reused, or upcycled form. In this challenge, you will create a Humble Sustainability TikTok to further grow their marketing sphere of influence and educate possible consumers on what Humble does. 



MediClick is an e-pharmacy that offers health and wellness products like supplements, vitamins, over the counter and prescription medicine through a convenient online shopping and delivery service. In this challenge, you will develop a strategy to reach Moms and develop a customer journey tailor-fit for this audience.



MedGrocer's technology platforms optimize "medicine-as-a-service" for patients and companies. In this challenge, you will be tasked with revamping website pages to streamline the patient journey. This will involve interviewing end-users to have a better understanding of their needs and designing wireframes.