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what is the virtual apprentice program?

KadaKareer's Virtual Apprenticeship (VirApp) is a digital-first, real-life work experience for students and fresh graduates. The program allows students to work on key challenges from partner companies, providing them with a hands-on opportunity to gain industry knowledge, develop soft and hard skills, and enhance their resumes and portfolios.


1. Find a Challenge that best fits your skills and interests

No need for lengthy essays or prerequisites—just sign-up for a specific Challenge with one of our partner companies and you’re in!

2. Complete the program in 5 weeks, at your own pace

Either in a group or as an individual, complete your chosen Challenge in 5 weeks. Receive support from our KadaKareer Coaches on how to tackle various parts of the Challenge, as well as get access to our curated set of learning materials.

3. Strengthen your resume

At the end of the program, you’ll get a certificate and a case study output that you can add to your portfolio. Apprentices who finish the program with stellar outputs may even have a chance of getting a position with one of our partner companies.

Company Challenges

Check out some of the coolest challenges from your favorite companies below! The Virtual Apprentice program will run from November 7 to December 10.
Please make sure to sign up for ONLY ONE challenge.
Sign-ups close on November 5, 11:59pm. Kita-kits, mga Kadets!


CloudEats is one of the pioneer cloud restaurant companies in Southeast Asia that currently caters to 40 multiple brands. In addition to their cloud kitchen, they offer technologies that help consolidate the food experience seamlessly. In this Challenge, you will help CloudEats build their brand’s credibility and relationship with their customers by creating a business plan for a new initiative.

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Expedock’s AI-powered automation tools serve thousands of air, ocean, import and export freight companies globally to  eliminate inefficiencies by automating manual processing and data input with 99.99% accuracy. In this Challenge, you will take on the role of a Sales Development Representative to help Expedock identify potential customers, then prepare and practice for a customized sales pitch.

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Iceberg is an e-commerce company that sells hydroflasks (insulated metal water bottles) across various platforms like Instagram and Shopee. Because of Iceberg’s growing sales, the company needs your help in projecting their inventory needs.  In this Challenge, you will use and learn Excel skills to craft a sales & inventory forecasting dashboard for Iceberg.

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Park n Sell

Park n Sell is the largest second-hand car dealership in the Philippines, with a physical lot in Pasig City and an online presence on Facebook, Carousel and Instagram. The family-owned business provides dealers with a “marketplace” to resell cars, as well as assists these dealers in spreading the word about vehicles available. In this Challenge, Park n Sell needs your help in improving its online/digital marketing strategy to better reach their target market.

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RiderKo is the first Filipino-owned logistics company that aims to create a sustainable delivery-service economy by connecting customers and merchants through its various services and platforms. In this Challenge, you will create and support various marketing campaigns to develop the company’s food delivery and grocery delivery services,  RiderKo Eats and RiderKo Mart+, with the ultimate vision of developing a distinctly Filipino delivery service platform.

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TOQA is a multimedia design studio that aims to create and promote access to sustainable high fashion in tropical areas like the Philippines. They create collections for fashion shows that aim to bring everyone together and create a visual representation of island identities. In this Challenge, you will help TOQA visualize step-by-step flows for their core processes and improve them. You will also help create an operational playbook that the company can use to scale.

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TRIZIE is a clean wellness brand that brings back delight in the wellness space with its community-first and body-positive approach. It serves women with digestive issues and skin concerns and now wants to expand into a new category. In this market-entry case, you will be researching the category's local space and the behaviors of TRIZIE’s target audience for its new product. In the end, you will be creating a business plan with how TRIZIE should position its new category for optimal sales.

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