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What is the
Virtual Apprenticeship Program?

KadaKareer’s Virtual Apprenticeship (VirApp) is a digital-first, real-life work experience for students and fresh graduates.The program allows students to work on key challenges from partner companies, providing them with a hands-on oppportunity to gain industry knowledge, develop soft and hard skills, and enhance their resume and portfolios.

How does it work?

1. Find a Challenge that best fits your skills and interests

No need for lengthy essays or prerequisites—just sign-up for a specific Challenge with one of our partner companies and you’re in!

2. Complete the program in 5 weeks, at your own pace

Either in a group or as an individual, complete your chosen Challenge in 5 weeks. Receive support from our KadaKareer Coaches on how to tackle various parts of the Challenge, as well as get access to our curated set of learning materials.

3. Strengthen your resume

At the end of the program, you’ll get a certificate and a case study output that you can add to your portfolio. Apprentices who finish the program with stellar outputs may even have a chance of getting a position with one of our partner companies.