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Establish a KadaKareer hub in your community and empower your peers to launch their careers

Our Hubs

What are KadaHubs?

KadaHubs are province-based communities led by an inspiring youth leader which act as local extensions of our KadaKommunity. KadaHubs hold events, activities, and programs to better serve and empower students in their Kareer Journeys.

What is a Hub Leader?

Hub Leaders represent KadaKareer in their own provinces by leading their own Hub, and will be supported through coaching, training, resource kits and funding.

What does a Hub Leader do?

Recruit hub members

Recruit hub members and introduce them to KadaKareer services and programs

Execute events and activities

Execute events and activities related to career development

Represent their province

Attend nationwide KadaKareer gatherings and events to represent their hub

Interested in becoming a Hub Leader?

Kamp or Apply

KadaKamp Completion OR Send your resume and a 1-page Hub proposal to Your hub proposal should include the vision and mission, and the career development activities you want to run.


Build your leadership skills and prepare to run your hub by attending the KadaKamp Program. Attend onboarding to understand how to run your Hub successfully.


Execute events for your Hub and grow your membership!

Perks of Being a Hub Leader

Network within your community and KadaKommunity members all over the Philippines

Receive a stipend for an internet bundle (if needed) and KadaKareer freebies!

Build experience and gain more skills as a leader

Empower your fellow youth in their careers

Earn a stipend to fund your own development goals

Contact Details

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