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What is KadaKamp?

The KadaKamp is a free, immersive, and remote (online) 5-week leadership bootcamp geared to cultivate student leaders, who we call “Kommanders”, and guide them in their career exploration. Open for all Filipino students and requires around 5 hours per week of online and synchronous work to complete.


Week 1
Nov 11-13

Knowing and expressing yourself as a leader.

Nov 13, '22, 2-5 PM

Week 2
Nov 14 -20, '22

Navigating learning and influencing your team.

Nov 20, '22, 2-5 PM

Week 3 - 4
Nov 21 - Dec 4

Work towards a capstone project of choice with your team (Tropa) made of people in your own community or from our Kadets.

Week 5
Dec 5 - 11, '22

Execute and present your capstone project learnings with the Kada Kommunity in our KadaKamp Graduation Day!

Graduation Day:
Dec 11, '22, 2-5 PM

Overview of Topics

Agile Learner: Communications made Better

The workshop would teach leaders to learn agilely through experience. Remember what you've learned from the past, dig deeper to get to the heart of it, look for solutions, put those solutions into action, and then make it a habit.

Radiating Influence through Self-Awareness

Participants in this workshop will learn how important it is to communicate when leading others. Learn how to communicate effectively with purpose and intent.

Meet our Kommanders

I was able to acquire additional experience and progress, particularly in group leadership and negotiating, thanks to the KadaKamp!

Maya Borres, Kommander (Cohort 2)

On skillset, I learned how to use some of my skills, develop new skills, how to work independently and the importance of consistency.

Chameleon Sanchez, Kommander (Cohort 2)

This one was my favorite part of the whole program. We were tasked to do a capstone project– which has led me toward various career opportunities. The KadaKamp was indeed my stepping stone; a quality experience for my resume and a rocket toward career exploration.

Yang Pacaldo, Kommander (Cohort 2)

Frequently Asked Questions

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